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It is not illegal in the US.

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Q: Why is absinthe illegal in the US?
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Is absinthe illegal in the US?

Absinthe is no longer illegal in the us, however it has less wormwood in it then the European absinthe.

Is absinthe illegal in France?

No, it isn't. There are lots of good distillers in France who made Le Absinthe.

What are the illegal alcohols in the us?

Absinthe was illegal in the U.S. from the early 20th century until recently. It is or has been illegal in a number of other countries. Absinthe became popular in France in the late 1800s during which time a serious root disease had devastated the French wine industry and little was available. However, when the wine industry recovered it had lost a large market share to absinthe. Wine producers then started a rumor that absinthe caused people be become crazy or deranged. It worked and absinthe was made illegal in France and many other countries. After recent scientific research demonstrated the safety of absinthe, it was legalized in the U.S.

Is the absinthe in the US the same as the absinthe in Europe?

Absinthe is illegal in the US, whilst in certain countries in Europe such as Spain, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and soon France, it is legal. In terms of the actual alcohol substance, the taste must have variations depending on where it is manufactured, same as beer and wine taste differently according to the region in which it is produced. It is nearly impossible to acquire absinthe in the states.

Is it legal to buy Absinthe from the internet in the US?

U.S. Customs codes state "The importation of Absinthe and any other liquors or liqueurs that contain an excess of artemisia absinthium is prohibited." However, absinthe is now legally imported and being sold in the U.S. For many decades absinthe was illegal in the U.S and many other countries.

What chemicals are in the alcohol absinth that make it illegal in the US?

He was accused thujone largely unjustified; today absinthe contains only traces of thujone and denial do not make any sense.

What in 2007 did the US government lift the ban on the sale and production of?


In 2007 the US government lifted bans on the sale and production of?


Does absinthe have opiate in it?

No. Absinthe has alcohol in it, but not opiates.

How do you make in absinthe doodle god?

Alcohol + grass will make absinthe.

How do you pronounce absinthe?

ab-sinth (as in synthesizer)

What percent is absinthe?

Absinthe ranges in strength from 45-75%

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