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Belle ends her engagement with Scrooge because she realizes that he has changed, and that his love for money outweighs his love for her.

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Q: Why does Belle break off her engagement to Scrooge?
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Why does scrooge and fiance and break off their engagement?

Belle sees another idle in Scrooges heart, a golden one

Why did Belle call off the engagement to Scrooge?

Belle saw that Scrooge was consumed with making money. He would work feverishly and forget about others including Belle.

Why did Belle return Scrooge's ring?

She had broken off their engagement and as the ring was a token for this promise of marriage, she releases Scrooge from that promise.

Who was Belle in the A Christmas Carol?

The reference is to Belle. Belle was Scrooges intended and who broke off their engagement because Scrooge had only a golden idle in his heart and not her

Was Ebeneezer scrooge married?

No he didnt marry. He was betrothed to Belle but she broke off the engagement because money was a great love than her to Scrooge

Who is Belle and why was she important to Scrooge?

In Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol, Belle and Scrooge were engaged as a young couple. Later Belle breaks off their engagement because she feels Scrooge's growing greed is changing him. When the ghost of Christmas Past reveals Belle to Scrooge and a grown woman with a family he realizes what he has lost.

What did the girl dressed in black sitting by Scrooge agree to?

To break off their engagement.

Did Scrooge ever get married?

No he didnt marry. His only love apart from money was Belle who broke off their engagement

Who proposes marriage to Scrooge?

No one. Belle was proposed t be Scrooge but later she broke off the engagement because Ebenezer had for another idol to worship, a golden one

What was Belle from A Christmas Carol like?

belle was a beautiful, young woman who was in love with scrooge. she was a very patient person, though she had lost all hope within scrooge. on a Christmas night, she walked into scrooge's office and confronted him. he was very rude and impatient with her. so, belle took off the ring he had given her, their engagement ring, and gave it to him.

In A Christmas Carol who is Belle and why was she important to Scrooge?

In his youth, Scrooge had been engaged to Belle, but she broke off the engagement, because she felt that Scrooge's growing avidity for wealth had eaten away the good in him, and that as such their marriage would be misery. When the Ghost of Christmas Past shows her to him as a mature woman with a husband and a sweet, beautiful daughter, he (Scrooge) fully understands what he has lost.

What are some character traits of Belle in A Christmas Carol?

Belle was kind and strong. Even though she loved Scrooge, she did not like the direction he had chosen to take, so she cut off the engagement even though she loved him.