Why do guys like watching lesbians?

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If a boy likes girls, then two girls kissing would be a tern on, in some cases.

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Q: Why do guys like watching lesbians?
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Do lesbians like gay guys?

No, not in a sexual way of course. That's because lesbians like women, guys are not women.

Do girls like gay guys like guys like lesbians?

Some do and some don't.

Do lesbians like straight guys?

Yes, most lesbians have straight male friends.

Why do guys like lesbians?

Guys fanatasise about women being together.. so it just enhances the dream

Do lesbians do guys for fun?


Why guys are turned on by Lesbians?

They are not.

Why do men like lesbians so much?

== == == == What makes you think men "like" lesbians? Because men enjoy watching girl-on-girl sex? Men enjoy watching two femmes -- it's never a dyke and a femme in hetero male porno flicks -- have sex because men are sexually aroused by physical appearance and imagery, and imagine themselves with either of the girls -- or both simultaneously. Men are attracted to naked women. Period. That's all there is to it. It has nothing to do with their "liking" lesbians. Woman aswell enjoys seeing 2 guys going at it just as much as guys like to see 2 lesbians going at it. Men and woman are not that different from one another.

Why is his best friend a lesbian?

Because she is just one of the guys, but better looking. Most lesbians think like most guys, they are all about WOMEN. So a guy can relate to most lesbians.

Why is it a turn-on for guys to see girls making out?

because guys like lesbians That is because guys have raging hormones and cant control them when they see two girls at it...

Are most prostitutes lesbians?

most of prostitutes are lesbians

Can guys get HIV easier than lesbians?


Why do guys like watching you give a bj?

cause its hot

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