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Because they are soo beautyful. And relatively smaller than boys' feet and there are differences in their shapes. But I think some of girls like to show their feet too.

AnswerNot all guys like feet and the ones that do like them because it is their individual preference such as some men prefer a particular hair colour - and then their are the men with foot fetishes which is a step beyond just admiring nice looking feet. AnswerIt's the size and shape of a woman's feet that are attractive. Sizes between 3-7 are particularly attractive. A good high arch can also add to the attractiveness of a woman's feet. It is primarily and aesthetic thing. If a woman has visible or protruding veins, that can also be very attractive. Some men like clean pedicured feet and some like dirty feet. As women's feet are usually kept hidden, the mystique of a revealed foot or nylon clad foot can be a turn on. Some women's feet actually naturally smell good like the smell exuded by the vagina which is why some men also enjoy the smell.

It's strange. But, some guys just adore feet. One of the major mysteries of God's creation I presume. The toes are especially a turn on. Nice, thin long toes are usually liked.

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Q: Why do guys like girls feet?
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