Why do girls like being touched?

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Usually a girl doesn't like being touched allover. the most appropriate approach to a girl's skin is by or down thier bare legs if you ask. I however love the feel a girl's bare leg. what more can I say? I like legs.

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Q: Why do girls like being touched?
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Do girls like their breast to be touched?

of coursr yes.....

Do girls like to be touched?

Very few humans object to being touched. The touching must be appropriate to the situation but human to human contact is essential to the psychological and emotional development a well rounded human being.

Do girls like it when you touch them?

They do like it, but only on one condition. That is that when you touch them it is something that they have given you permission to do. Girls DO NOT like being touched by people who do not ask first. They want to choose who touches them, and when and how. But with the very important permission out of the way, girls like being touched just as much as guys like touching them, it is a very enjoyable thing to do. I find that if you touch a girls upper leg to the thigh it's very exciting i guess i should say. Then you slowly work you way up.

Where do girls like getting touched at?

Well girls like it when you touch there butt or if your kissing touch her butt or boobs.

Where do girls like being touched?

on the neck, the ears, play with her hair, on the hips going in for a kiss, kisses behind the knee, the lower back

Do girls like getting touched on there breast?

not completely sure but probably no

Do girls like having their vagina licked and sucked and touched?


What kind of girls are ticklish?

the kind who like to be touched (not in that way)lol

How do girls like their breasts touched?

They don't like it at all

What does it feel like to touch a girls breasts and vagina?

answer: girls love their breasts being touched but with love and tenderness. do it but nicely,some like it rough so look for your girls reactions. be soft if she likes soft. be rough if she enjoys you grabbing her breasts. all girls are different,but all love to be touched. Do not forget to kiss lick and suck. use your tongue,it will drive her crazy.

What part do guys want girls to touch?

guys want girls to touch them anywhere that the girl can touch as long as it gives guys a boner.....guys just like being touched by a girl

Why doesn't your rabbit like her tummy touched?

Some rabbits have sensitive spots that they don't want anybody to touch. My rabbit doesn't like being touched on his feet. Cats too! They don't like being touched on their tummy!

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