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Guys are afraid of telling a girl they like them because if the girls don't like them back, it will be all awkward and strange. So they try to be cool and get the girls to DEFINITELY like them but, sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it is because of the guy's mates because he doesn't want to be teased about liking a particular girl but he doesn't know which girl his mates will tease him about liking so, he does it secretly.

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Q: Why are guys embarrassed to tell girls they like them?
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Why are guys afraid to tell girls that they like them?

Because they're afraid of a negative reaction or they're afraid of being embarrassed. But some guys aren't like that.

Will girls like bald guys?

sorry to tell you this but no!

Why do girls flirt with guys they like?

because they are to scared to tell them they like them

Do teen guys like when girls tell them their hot?


Do guys like it when girls tell them they like them?

depends on the guy, depends on the girl

How do you tell a boy you don't like him when he's in love with you?

Tell him you don't like him. Guys like it when girls are honest with them.

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I don't like when guys flaunt it. We don't like when a guy likes to tell everyone about it.

How do you get a guy to like you when he likes another girl?

if you never told him you like him tell him most guys like girls and are afraid to tell

How can I let the boy know I like him?

just tell him. guys like girls to speak plainly.

Do guys want girls to tell them when they like them?

One of the worst things for a girl is not knowing. Just tell her!

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Girls like it when guys ask them out it is the guys job to...... just like texting.... girls like it when guys text them first it makes them think you care..... its the best thing todo, try talking to her as a friend and tell them what you like in girl when girls ask out the guy first and what not..... but girls like it when guys ask first :) <3333

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