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because they can hit, steal and run

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โˆ™ 2011-03-02 15:10:52
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Q: Why are black guys so good at basketball?
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Why are black guys so hot?

It's because they have such good bone structure.

Black men have an extra bone in their feet?

dah that's how they play basketball so good

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How are black people so tall?


What make Michael Jordan so special?

He is a really good basketball player and he was once black then changed white.

Why does a basketball have good grip?

A basketball has a good grip so that the players find it easier to control and hold.

Did basketball used to be 'mens only'?

Basketball was created for a boys gym class when they were bored, so naturally, like everything else at the time, girls weren't allowed. After a while, girls were allowed to play, but in skirts only. Finally, girls today are just as good at basketball as guys.

Why are basketball shorts so baggy?

i dont consider them baggy. i consider them oversized. they are supposed to be this way for a few reasons. 1) guys who wear them while playing basketball need shorts that are extra big and roomy for running up and down the court and shooting the ball 2) guys are supposed to wear shorts that fall off their butt (sagging) and expose their boxers 3) last, basketball shorts should only be worn by muscular guys, because guys who are muscular and wear oversized basketball shorts are so sexy

How do you get scene guys to notice you?

start wearing black . trust me scene guys r so hot

Why does the NFL have so many so many black guys?

So many Black guys are good at football. For so many people living in the inner city, sports may be seen as a final hope. So they develop fierce determination that people in better circumstances don't often develop. They may determine that they will become successful and help their relatives and community.

Is basketball healthy as in getting more exercise?

Basketball is a good source of excercise. So you should use Basketball as an excercise

Do Latina women like black guys?

Yes, because Latinos are family oriented and so also are blacks. Also, because the black guys are endured.

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