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the smallest mall in the world would be in Tokyo, Japan.

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Q: Which is the smallest mall in the world?
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What is the smallest mall in Paris?

If it is in Paris, I don't think there is a smallest mall!!!!

Where is the smallest shopping mall in the world?

What constitutes a "shopping mall"? Is one store a "mall" if it claims to be? If not, how many do you need? There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of "strip malls" with 3-5 stores. I'm not sure I understand the value of knowing precisely which one is the smallest by some fraction of a square foot. The only point a "smallest shopping mall in the world" title could have is as a marketing gimmick (and not a very good one at that).

What is the smallest mall in America?

in my opinion its green dale Worcester.

How much is the average rent for the smallest space in abreeza mall davao?


Where is the smallest mall in America?

you cant really say because there are really small ones with a block of maybe 3 stores and that would be considered a mall.

What is the second biggest mall in the world?

Mall of America

Which is biggest mall in the world?

the big mall of dubai

Are there any cheats for mall world on facebook?

No, there are not any Mall World cheats for Facebook, But you can use real money to buy mall credits or mall dollars. SORRY! :(

How do you sell a light on mall world?

How do you sell your Clothes on Facebook's Mall World Game

What is the best mall to go to?

The biggest mall in the world is the west Edmonton mall. But the best mall is either maple view mall or limeridge!!!!

Can you give someone else your mall dollars in mall world?

no you can not

Where is the world's largest mall?

South China Mall is the largest mall it is located in Dongguan, China