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The right.

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Q: Which ear do gay men wear earrings?
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Related questions

Which ear do staight men wear earrings?

not all straight men wear earrings

Why do gay men wear earrings in the left ear?

Thats not true, its just a stupid rumor. Some people say its the right ear, others say the left. Its all mixed up.

In which ear does a gay man wear an earring?

Either one. It is a myth that gay men only wear an earing in a certain ear.

Where does a gay man wear an earring?

A gay men will wear an earring on his ear, just as a straight man will do.

Did shakespeare wear an ear ring?

Yes, he actually did. Back then, wearing earrings for men was very common. It's really funny because men were earrings now too!!

Which ear for a mans earring Is one side left or right mean something such as Gay?

Some say if you have an earring in the left ear it shows that you are gay. This is true. ---- I must say, I completely disagree with that quote. Both my brother and father have earrings in their left ears, and I assure you neither are gay! I have known dozens upon dozens of straight men who wear earrings on their left ear, right ear, or both ears. It means absolutely nothing. You are queer as a three dollar bill if you have right earring, left ear you are cool. --- It seems that the right ear is the one that means that. Sure, some think either ear on a man means that. Now, if you go by the old gay handkerchief codes, you can assume that either ear could mean gay, but that there is a distinction. The handkerchief code states that a handkerchief in the right pocket means you are the "receiver" (gay bottom) but that the left side means you are the giver (gay top). So maybe that applied to earrings as well. So the left ear was more popular since, even if someone used that to accuse them of being gay, it would mean a less marginalized type of gay person, since gay tops could pass for straight. Nowadays, all of the above is moot. More heterosexual men wear earrings than gay men. Now that the gay community is out and more accepted, using earrings to hint that one is gay is mostly obsolete.

Why is that guys who wear earrings are sometimes considered to be gay?

During the 1980's and early 1990's (pre-1994) before men and earrings became so popular, the style was: Heterosexual = one earring left ear Homosexual = earrings in right or both ears. It no longer matters.

Is men with 2 earrings in their ear gay?

No, in some circles a man with both ears pierced meant they were bisexual. These days it means next to nothing.

Are earrings only for woman?

While it is more common in todays society for women to wear earrings it is not restricted from men. Lots of men wear earrings today, either as a fashion statement or just to stand out. Some may consider the idea "gay" or weird, but in my opinion, it is YOUR body, you can use it how YOU want. If a man wears a earring, I think there is no problem with that.

What side should men wear earrings?

originally the left

What side do men wear there earing?

It actually depends on the orientation of the man, if he's gay or bisexual, he wears it on his left ear. If he's straight he wears it on his right ear.

Where did men get the style of wearing earrings?

they got it way back then... back when the pirates lived. they would wear earrings.

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