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Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. However, specifically 02 mobile phones would have to be researched in order to determine exactly what kind of phone it was and what tower it associated with if any.

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Q: Which cell towers do 02 mobile phones use?
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What cell towers do 02 mobile phones use?

The 02 mobile cellular phones use land towers. The signal comes from a local cellular tower. Most cellular phones utilize land towers for phone reception.

Whey are phones called cell phones?

Because they use cell towers to transmit calls.

How do mobile phones in the uk work?

They work very similar to the U.S. The same equipment: cell phone towers, computers and phones. However, the sim cards are somewhat different. As well, the phone number structure is different. Many U.S. mobile phones will not work in the UK. Cell phone companies offer special phones and services for international use.

How extensive use a mobile phones can cause health problems?

what are disadvantages of using cell phones

Are all mobile phones satellite phones?

No, most phones use signals from towers and a "switch" that turns it into a landline call. If you aren't close enough to a tower you won't have a signal to use it.

What is difference between a mobile phone and a telephone?

Landline telephones are connected through a wire network. Cell phones do not use wire network for connectivity. Transmission: ... Cell phones transmit signals through radio waves

Why are mobile phones are named cell phones?

Because they use cellular technology. They are still called mobile phones in some countries and even by some people in the US.

How many people use cell phones in Romania today?

The number of mobile phones is greater than the population !

How does the mobile phone affect the environment?

There are lots of ways that mobile phones can affect the environment. Such as: - Birds that fly by cell phone towers gets confused and damages it's navigational abilities by the radiation sent out by the tower. - Cows that graze near phone towers suffer a lot of problems like reproduction problems, behavior problems and general health problems. - Phones contain harmful chemicals in it's battery. - Mobile phones also have toxins in it. -It's radiation can kill bees, especially in areas where there is lots of phones in use.

Overview of CDMA Cell Phones?

Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA cell phones utilize a technology that permits the use of several frequencies at the same moment to send and receive data and voice transmissions. CDMA is newer radio technology that is designed to compete with the older Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network. As a result, CDMA phones cannot use GSM cell towers. Another difference is that GSM phones use SIM cards while CDMA phones do not.

What is SIM Free Mobile Phone?

These are the cell phones that don't use sim cards, very common with Verizon phones.

What types of waves do mobile phones use?

mobile phones use electromagnetic waves

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