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Sony Ericsson phones are considered the most reliable sony phones possibly in the world.The phones are excellent and really really good to use at home.

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Q: Which Sony phone is the most reliable?
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Who makes the most reliable and trustworthy dual layer dvd?

In my opinion, the most reliable and trustworthy dual layer dvd is made by SONY. SONY has been a very reliable brand name in the electronics industry.

What is the most reliable cell phone brand?

Sprint is the most reliable

Is the sony ericsson vivaz a good phone?

The sony ericsson vivaz is a reliable budget smart phone. However the vivaz has a limited memory and is missing some of the features you would find in a more expensive smart phone.

What is the most popular brand in camcorders.?

Sony is the most popular and reliable brand of camcorder.

What is the most reliable brand of DVd player?

JVC and Sony are two very reliable brands for dvd players.

Which CD player has the most reliable adapter?

Try adapters made by Sony. These particular types are very reliable.

What companies have the most reliable dvd players?

The most reliable dvd players are made by high quality electrical brands such as Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic. Some people agree that the Sony DVP-SR500H is one of the best dvd players.

What are the most reliable Sony laptops out there?

Based on user reviews, the Sony Vaio is the most commonly purchased Sony laptop. This laptop is very user friendly and has many features that every PC users loves.

What manufacturer makes the w980?

Sony Ericsson makes the W980 phone. It was released on February 10, 2008. It is very popular and according to ratings and reviews, it is one of the best and most reliable phones.

Are Sony laptops reliable for business?

Sony laptops are in fact reliable for business there a reputable brand with great laptops, notebooks and desktops.

Are Sony mp3 players considered to be a good brand?

According to the consumer's reviews Sony mp3 players are considered to be one of the most reliable gadgets. Sony is famous for its good quality of sound.

What is sony's newest phone called?

No, The Sony Ericsson Viva z is not the newest phone. The newest phone put out by Sony is the Sony Xperia Play. It is newer than the Sony Ericsson Vivaz.