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One can find the BT telephone directory online via the BT website, one can call the BT directory on 118 500 and one can also view the BT telephone directory that is delivered to most houses in the United Kingdom.

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Q: Where does one find the BT telephone directory?
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Where can one find information about telephone directory for UK?

One could contact their local telephone company to inquire about a telephone directory. There are also websites, such as those for BT and 192, that contain telephone listings for the UK.

How can you find a friend who lives in London?

Try the telephone directory available from the BT website.

How does one obtain a BT phone directory?

The BT phone directory is delivered annually to your doorstep by couriers acting on behalf of BT. the directory is now also online, the BT website has full details of this.

Where can one find BT Telephone Cable online?

You can find BT telephone cable online directly through their website. Alternatively you can checkout other sites like Amazon and eBay who also have it available for sale.

What services do BT directory enquiries offer?

BT Directory Enquiries, now rebranded as BT 118 500, will give you the telephone number of a requested business or individual, unless that individual or business chooses not to be listed in the directory. They will also connect you to the number that you were looking for, though this will cost more than ending the call to 118 500 and calling the number yourself.

Where can one obtain a BT telephone line?

You can obtain a BT telephone line by going to the BT website and making an application / purchase and arrange an installation date or by call BT customer service to help you see it through.

Where can someone find Cordless Telephone BT online?

You can find cordless telephones with BT packages on various websites like BT and Amazon. Both websites offer a great variety of cordless telephones with BT packages.

Where can one find a BT Calypso?

You can buy a BT Calypso landline phone at the stores from your landline provider or from a telephone store. You might also find a good deal on these phone at an online store like Amazon.

What can one find on the website BT Diverse?

Unable to find an official BT Diverse website, however, BT Diverse products are available through various telephone company websites. Items include 4 way RJ11 double adapters, RJ45 couplers and ADSL filters.

Where can one find Business Telephone Systems UK online?

One can find Business Telephone Systems UK online through several different online websites. STL Coms, Network Sun, Business BT, as well as the company Cisco.

Where can a business internet service provide be located?

A business internet service provider can be located online or in a telephone directory. Examples of business internet providers include BT and virgin.

Where might one go online to look up telephone numbers?

To find telephone numbers, one should try the webpage site 'the phonebook' by BT. That page has a list of business as well as residential numbers available to view.