Where can you purchase an iTunes gift card?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Usually, you can buy iTunes gift cards wherever iPods are sold. Also, most major retailers will carry them, as will many of the average large chain pharmacy and grocery stores.

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Q: Where can you purchase an iTunes gift card?
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What are some unused itunes gift card codes?

It is illegal to give out a iTunes gift card codes; to get these codes you must purchase an iTunes gift card.

Can you purchase a iTunes gift card at gas station?

It is possible to purchase an iTunes Gift Card at a gas station if that particular gas station stocks iTunes Gift Cards.

How do you purchase credit on iTunes?

buy a iTunes gift card is considered credit, but just use a credit or debit card if you have no gift card

What do you do if you lost your iTunes gift card?

Ask your friend who gave you the itunes gift card to give you their receipt for the purchase of the card. Then call the Apple Store and they will give you a replacement

Can iTunes gift card buy stuff from the app store?

Yes, you can use an iTunes gift card to purchase Apps, music, movies, etc.

Do you have to pay all the time after you have used your iTunes gift card?

An iTunes gift card puts some credit on your account once that has been used you will need another gift card or bank/credit card to purchase items from the iTunes store.

Can you purchase an itunes gift card at a jcpenney store with a JCPenney credit card?


Can you use cash or coins to buy songs on iTunes?

Cash can be used to purchase an iTunes gift card which are available from many retailers. You can then add the value of your gift card to your iTunes account to buy songs from iTunes.

Can you purchase an itunes gift card at a jcpenney store with a jc penney credit card?


Where can one purchase an iPod gift card?

You can purchase an iPod gift card online from the apple iTunes online store. You can purchase iPod gift cards in the form of $15, $25 and $50 increments.

What is the iTunes gift card code?

To find ur own itunes gift card code you would have to purchase an itunes gift card and scratch the silver stuff off the back and then it will reveal ur code. It will only work if u purchase it. If u don't, it won't work. Hope this answers ur question :)

Can I use my apple gift card in itunes?

No, you can only use the gift card to purchase products from the Apple store online or in the store.