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You buy goggles from most sport shops or you local swimming center .

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Q: Where can you buy goggles?
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Where can you buy drunk goggles?

You can buy drunk goggles at the following places.. - - - - - hope this helps.

Were can you buy flight goggles or steampunk goggles?

you could buy some online like eBay or a store or make your own :)

Can you buy swimming goggles from casey race?


How do drunk goggles work?

buy drinking

Where can you buy tanning bed goggles?

a tanning place

Where can you buy flight goggles or steampunk goggles?

If you want goggles on poptropica go to the time travel watch and click on the Indian King and get the mask put it on and go to one of the guards and he'll have goggles and he'll ask for a trade and accept it and there you go you have goggles!- Kizzie

Where can you buy beer goggles?

Why would you want to know,SICK

How much are average ski goggles?

I checked on and ski goggles range from $20 to $250. What's important to remember is that the quality of the goggles may decrease with the price. Do research on any goggles before you buy them.

How do you keep swimming goggles from fogging up?

You can try licking your fingers and then rubbing that into the inside of the goggles or you can buy an anti-fogging spray.

How much are goggles?

If you live in the US, you'd know there's different kinds of goggles. One would be eye goggles, which are really cheap. About $1-2. The next type of goggles are nose and eye goggles. They are really helpful and allow you to breathe underwater of somewhat forever, BUT...some nose and eye goggles might be too small for you when you get them. You have to buy goggles that are 1 size more than your size. You can adjust them later. If you buy these that are 1 size more, you'll be able to breathe out of them for a long time. If you buy one exactly your size, you won't be able to breathe out of them, so be on precaution on what size you buy! BTW, the price is about $2-4 on the nose and eye goggles because they're extremely helpful on swimming and they deserve a good price. You can find them in Walmart, Ebay, Amazon, and more online engines and local stores. Enjoy your goggles! :)

How do you get night vision goggles if you are not a member of club penguin?

It is impossible to buy the night vision goggles if you are not a member. If you become a member and buy them even if you run out of membership you will still be able to keep them just not wear them.

Where is the cheapest place to buy snowboarding goggles?

You can find some great deals online. To get used snowboarding goggles try websites like or For good prices on new goggles, try

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