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A million places. Easiest online answer: Amazon. Easiest offline answer: Best Buy.

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Q: Where can you buy blank cds?
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Where can you buy a blank CD?

You an buy blank CDs in any store that sells computer supplies.

What place sell's blank cds?

Compusa, and Best Buy.

Are colored label holders available in the market?

To buy cheap blank cds you can go to,, or They sell blank cds starting from 16 cents.

How do you put music into your ipod for free?

download realplayer! on the computer. then buy blank CDs

What types of blank cds are available?

There are only two types of blank CDs: CD-R and CD-RW. In the end, it does not matter which you use, but the drive you have on your computer that will determine what you can do with your blank CDs.

Where can I buy some blank CDs?

You can buy blank CDs at any major retailer or office supply store. Be sure you understand the different formats available. CD-Rs are inexpensive and useful for storing music or data that you intend to keep. CD-RWs, or rewritable CDs, can be used to store data, and then erased and used again. Be sure to follow copyright laws in recording your CDs.

Where is the best place to get blank CD's?

I'd check your local Best Buy or other electronic store. They should have plenty of blank CDs. Your best bet will probably be to check some of the online electronic stores, like New Egg. They always seem to have deals on blank CDs and DVDs.

Is there a source to buy milk crates?

i did research and found that you can buy bulk blank cds at this address online, if that doesnt satisfy what you are looking for you can also try

What are the best type of blank CDs to buy?

I don't know if they are THE Best, but Maxell CD-R works really well and holds a lot.

Who makes the highest quality blank CD?

Memorex and Taiyo Yuden are listed among the makers of high quality blank CDs. There are many companies that make CDs but many offer only low quality CDs.

What are the best type of CDs to buy to make duplicates?

The best blank cds available for duplicating media are said for be made by Taiyo Yuden (JVC) followed by MCC (Mitsubishi) sonyD05 (Sony) and FujiFilm (Fuji).

Can you put any CD in a karaoke machine?

yes you can put any CD in a karaoke machine wether it be CDs with songs already on them like the one you can buy from walmart or the blank CDs that you can burn music on from your computer

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