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Keychain breathalyzers may be purchased online through companies such as Best Buy or Amazon. There are also several keychain breathalyzer wholesalers which may have lower prices.

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Q: Where can one purchase a keychain breathalyzer online?
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Where is it possible to purchase a breathalyzer keychain?

One can purchase a keychain breathalyzer at Best Buy or online at Amazon. Some bars will even have them for sale. There are lots of online sites where one could choose to purchase the keychain. Please drink and drive responsibly!

Where might one go online to purchase a keychain flashlight?

Amazon sells keychain flashlights of varying sizes and colors. A particularly good brand is Maglite. They make miniature flashlights that are very reliable and hang on your keychain.

Where can one purchase a flashlight keychain?

Two of the easiest ways to purchase a flashlight keychain are in person and online. Most local home improvement, dollar stores and locksmith shops have many options available for you. But you could also go online and find hundreds of options for you.

Where might one purchase a souvenir BMW keychain?

There are a few places one can purchase a souvenir BMW keychain. One of the best places, though the most expensive, is at a local BMW dealer. Amazon's online store also offers a variety of BMW keychains.

Where can one purchase Alcohawk Pro?

Someone can purchase an Alcohawk Pro digital breathalyzer from a generic online retailer such as Amazon or a store that specializes in breathalyzers.

Where can one purchase a customizable photo keychain?

One can purchase customizable photo keychains from retailers such as WalMart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid at their photo departments. There are also specialized online manufacturers that make these, such as Zazzle and Snapfish.

When would one buy a breathalyzer?

If someone was interested in purchasing a breathalyzer for personal use this could be done easily online. Amazon and Best Buy both have these available for purchase on their websites. They even have a key-chain version of the device. As for when someone would purchase one, that would be up to the individual and what their needs are.

Where can one purchase a keychain laser pointer?

One can purchase a key chain laser pointer from the following sources: Cell Phones, Tmart, Scientific Online, Amazon, Dick Smith, Maplin, Laser Pointer Pro, eBay, Amazon.

Where can one order a personally engraved keychain?

One can order a personally engraved keychain at many High Street jewellery stores. If one prefers to order online, one will find a service on Amazon where one can order one from.

Where can one purchase a Carabiner keychain?

Carabiner keychains can be purchased at a number of different stores including outdoors stores, sports stores, Walmart and specialty hiking stores. They can also be purchased online.

How much would a portable breathalyzer cost?

Portable breathalyzers can cost as little as $10, but have a very little accuracy. One can purchase them from online retailers like eBay, Amazon or Craigslist.

Where could one purchase a cheap keychain bottle opener?

One could purchase a cheap keychain bottle opener at big box retailers such as Walmart and Target. One could also find them at a retail kitchen store such as Stokes. Liquor stores will often have bottle openers near the cashiers.