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A pool chlorinator can often be hired from the largest B&Q warehouses. They will hire it for a day or for a week if required. Alternatively a pool chlorinator can be hired from specialist pool suppliers online.

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Q: Where can one go to hire a pool chlorinator?
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How do you go from an already chlorinated pool to a saltwater pool?

All you have to do is ad the required amount of salt and install a saltwater chlorinator into the line Depending on the setup you put in you will get instructions on water balance etc.

What needs to be done to a pool before converting to salt generator?

Install the hardware i.e the salt water chlorinator, and timing equipment, throw the right amount of salt into the pool and you may have to re balance the water a little, a pool shop will be able to advise you on this and you are ready to go.

Can you convert clorine pool to salt?

Yes as a mater of fact a salt pool is a chlorine pool. to convert your freshwater pool to asaltwater pool You will need to install a salt water chlorinator. A saltwater chlorinator electronically treats the salt in the water and converts it into chlorine thereby automatically keeping the chlorine up to your pool. the addition of salt to the pools water also makes it feel more pleasant to swum in. There are two ways that you can go with this, the best known method is with the use of Potassium chloride common salt) or with a new system that uses magnesium and potassium chloride second system is better healthier and has a therapeutic effect in the swimmer.

Does it make financial sense to convert a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool?

In the long run it saves you money. In the meantime salt water is more pleasant to swim in. Personally feel that a pool with a salt water chlorinator is the best set up and it is far more convenient not having to go out and get chlorine all the time.

Can you place the salt chlorinator prefilter or does it have to go after the filter?

preferred after the filter and the heater.

How do pool sanitization systems compare?

For ease and convenience you cant go past a salt water chlorinator with a sand filter. these are now also being improved on with the use of different salts such as magnesium chloride and more effective media in the sand filters.

Can you switch from chlorine to salt water halfway through the season?

Yes , When you go to a salt water pool you are installing what is called a saltwater chlorinator. These are an electrical device that converts the chloride in the salt into chlorine gas which is subsequently dissolved into the water effectively chlorinating it.

Can an inground swimming pool have too much water in it?

No but if the pool is very full the static skimmer wont work because it is completely submerged. You can get around this by using a floating suction side skimmer such as a dragonfly. I let my pool over flow every chance I get because it saves money on water and letting water go to bring the water level down is also a waste of salt if you have a saltwater chlorinator.

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Do you have to go from one end to the other end of the pool for one lap?

From one side to the other is one lap 25 meters or yards depending on the pool

Salt system for your pool do you use table salt for it and where can you buy this in bulk?

The salt that isnormally used in salt water pools is Sodium Chloride. and this is the same as table salt. However rather then going to the grocery shop for it you will find that pool shops and some hardware and department stores Cary bags of the stuff. If you go to a pool shop take a sample of water and the size of the pool with you along with the type of saltwater chlorinator you have and they will be able to let you know how much you need.

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