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In basketball you are dribbling a ball and shooting it in a hoop. In volleyball you are hitting a ball over a net. There are more differences, these are just a few.

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2010-03-31 20:50:11
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Q: Where are the differences between basketball and volleyball?
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WhAT Are some differences between volleyball and basketball?

where you put ball

What is difference between volleyball and basketball?

volleyball uses a volleyball and basketball uses a basketball.

What are the differences between water polo and basketball?

Water polo is played in the water and is volleyball except in the water. Basketball is a game played on a court.

What are similarities and differences between basketball and volleyball?

They both use a ball, you score the same, most points scored win, and they're both played on a court...Basketball you use a hoop, you use a basketball, there is a bigger ball, and you have to block people....Volleyball there is a net, you use a volleyball, and you use a smaller ball...

What are the differences between volleyball and soccer?

Volleyball is played with a volleyball while soccer is played with a soccer.

Difference between volleyball and basketball?

volleyball and basketball are different in many ways. in volleyball, you have to keep the ball from hitting the ground. however in basketball, you have to kepp dribbling the ball. in volleyball, you usually stand in one place, but in basketball you continually move going after the ball..etc.

What is aeroball?

its a sport. A cross between basketball and volleyball on a trapoline!!

Six is to volleyball as blank is to basketball?

There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

What are differences between football and volleyball?

One is striped and the other isn't!

What are the differences in height between wheelchair basketball and regular basketball?

Four Feet

What are the differences and similarities between tennis and basketball?

In basketball you have a ball and in tennis you have a ball

What are the 4 similarities between basketball and volleyball?

its a ballthey use it witha netbouncesround

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