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July 26 2011 :-)

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โˆ™ 2011-02-17 16:22:36
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Q: When does the Lego Ninjago game come out?
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What is LEGO ninjago?

Lego ninjaGo Is a trading card game, every card pack will come with a Lego ninja. Their will be just plain Lego ninja sets also.

What is the website for LEGO universe ninjago game?

Lego Universe Ninjago deutsch

When does LEGO Ninjago come out?

Lego Ninjago is already out! Visit the Lego website to view the products! :)

When is LEGO Ninjago the video game coming out?

it caame out all ready. it is called lego battles ninjago.

What is the next LEGO video game after LEGO Harry Potter 2?

The next lego video game is probably going to be lego ninjago. I know this because of the recent sets in the ninjago collection, and there is now a TV show for Ninjago.

When will Lego ninjago bytar come out?


Who is the director of LEGO ninjago?

lego ninjago directors

When does Lego Ninjago Masters of Spin Jitsu come out?

LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu releases on January first, 2011 (1/111)

Is there going to be another LEGO Ninjago?

No, I don't think Lego Ninjago will come back into appearance because there is a new theme that took its place. The new theme is Lego Legends of Chima, which in my opinion, is much better than Ninjago. I mean what's the point of Ninjago. There is no story, and absolutely no point in it. I am very disappointed in LEGO for creating Ninjago. Luckily, Lego Chima is 100% better than Ninjago. So no I don't think there will be another Lego Ninjago.

What is the gray ninja from LEGO ninjago's weapon?

From lego ninjago

Can you get LEGO Ninjago on dsi?

Yes, you can get Lego Ninjago for the DSi.

When will lego ninjago 2013 sets come out?

They are now in stores.

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