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The probabilities oscillate throughout the cycle and are individual to each woman. If we speak about the 'average' woman, the probabilities of being in the fertile window for a woman with a 28 cycle are the following:

Day of the cycle / % of being in fertile window

Day 11 - 63%

Day 12 - 65%

Day 13 - 61%

Day 14 - 53%

Day 15 - 50%

These probabilities come from a study authored by Colombo, Masarotto (2000) and published in Demographic Research

To be sure about your fertile and infertile days it is advisable to keep track of an ovulation calendar (this is enhanced if you also keep track of your temperature and cervical mucus data). You can use it to conceive but also for natural family planning (to prevent conception). A good one is Ovuline -

Each woman is different. There are signs that your body gives off when it is most fertile. One big sign is your cervical mucus. Your cervical mucus becomes very clear and thin. Like egg whites. There's a great book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You might want to try readin that for other signs your body gives off.

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Q: When are you most fertile?
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