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embarassed or nervouse

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Q: What would the guy feel if his friend asks a girl if he wants to go out with him?
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A boy keeps asking questions about you to your friend does it mean he likes me?

it might mean he does not feel comfortable talking to you about your business and doesn't want to offend you so he asks you friend so he knows if he wants to ask you out

What to say when a guy asks you what does he mean to you?

He wants to know how you feel about him. It is okay to express to him how you feel, good or bad.

What to do if your brothers best friend asks you out?

Say yes or no, depending on how you feel about him.

What should you do if your friend asks you out but you don't know how you feel about it?

You should go out with him anyways

What does it mean if a guy asks you if you two are friends?

It means he is asking if you and your friend are friends to each other. The answer would be "yes". Or He could be asking if you are a friend to him. The answer is either "yes" or "no" depending on what you feel.

What do you do when your crush asks your best friend out and your best friend said yes?

If you should do anything you should tell him or her how you feel.

There is a girl who wants to be my friend but you don't want to be her friend what do you do?

just say what u feel

Your friend told your crush secrets about you making him feel bad for you if he feels bad for you would that mean he cares and wants to hold you and make you happy?

He wants you to hold his theis.

How would you find out if your best friend is pretending to be a guy friend to you?

You would kind of feel the difference of emotion. If a guy is truly a friend, he wouldn't look at you or be flirty with you. Any guy who wants to spend all his time with you, and is single and acts flirty with you, chances are, he wants to be more than "just friends".

Why does a female friend wants the guy to call her?

It makes her feel better about herself.

If a friend asks you a question and you feel uncomfortable answering what do you say to them?

Tell them that you don't want to answer it. If there a real friend then they should understand, if they try and push you into answering, then their not a real friend.

What if a friend tells you he does not feel any love from a girl?

Just listen and be there for them. If he does not feel anything from someone he would like to then he will have to make the decision if he wants to continue a relationship with this person - suggest who does what is best for him.

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