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Have you tried There's all kind of awesome projects - from religious crafts to crafts for kids!

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Q: What websites have good Christmas crafts?
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Where can I find good Christmas crafts?

Its always a good idea to shop early in regards to Christmas crafts. provides valuable information of fun crafts for the family.

What are good ideas for Christmas crafts?

There are many good ideas for Christmas crafts. Making handmade Christmas cards is a nice way to get into the Holiday spirit. Baking cookies is also a long standing tradition.

What are some good sites to find out how to make crafts for Christmas?

You could try or or even

How can you find more information about preschool Christmas crafts?

Activity village is a good source for children's Christmas crafts. One of the best places to find this is at Dollywood when they have their Christmas festival.

Which websites sell vintage Christmas ball ornaments?

The websites that sell vintage Christmas ball ornaments include Sammy D Vintage, Collectors Weekly, and Globe Gazette. Other useful websites for vintage Christmas ball ornaments include Christmas Traditions and All Free Christmas Crafts.

Are there any good books on Christmas crafts for toddlers?

A good reference book for ideas on Christmas craft projects for toddlers is

How do you make Christmas crafts?

A good start is to watch how to video's on youtube.

What websites are dedicated to making Christmas crafts?

There are now many sites that are dedicated to making Christmas cards. These include All Free Christmas Cards, All Things Christmas and the Kids Click site.

What are some christmas crafts for toddlers?

Some good Christmas craft ideas for toddlers include: coloring their own Christmas cards, making felt Christmas ornaments, or decorating their own Christmas cookies. This YouTube video shows some good crafts for toddlers:

Where can one find examples of children's Christmas crafts?

You can find examples of children's Christmas crafts at the Activity Village UK website. Once on the page, click on "Holidays" in the top navigation menu, click on "Christmas" and finally click on "Christmas Crafts" to bring up the crafts.

Where can Christmas decorations crafts be purchased?

When buying Christmas decorations, a good place to start would be your local craft store. Large chain stores, like Michael's or JoAnn's offer a large variety of holiday crafts and decorations and a good price.

What are some good 15-20 minute Christmas games for 10-11 year olds?

make small Christmas crafts