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Motorola starTAC

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2011-02-25 06:28:17
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Q: What was the most popular cell phone in 1996?
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Where can I find reverse cell phone lookup?

If you need to find out who owns a certain cell phone number, you can input the phone number at The database has 98 percent of all cell phone numbers and is one of the most popular resources for finding the owners of cell phone numbers.

Popular Samsung Cell Phone Models?

Samsung is a leading manufacturer of cell phones and other popular electronic devices. Samsung cell phones feature unique styling and a sleek design. Prices for popular Samsung cell phone models vary among sellers and the capabilities of select devices. Samsung cell phone models are utilized on most of the major cellular networks.

What are some Modern and Mobile communication devices?

The most popular, modern and mobile communication device is the cellular phone. It is more commonly reffered to as the Cell Phone.

Can you keep your land phone line number if you get a cell phone?

Yes you can. Your phone line has nothing too do with your cell phone. In fact, for most people your phone line carrier is completely different from your cell phone carrier. And you phone line has absoloute no connection TO YOU HOME PHONE AT all

Why You Need a Cell Phone Directory?

In today's technology-driven world, most people rely on cell phones to stay in touch when they are on the go. If you use a cell phone on a regular basis, having access to a comprehensive online cell phone directory is a must. You can use a cell phone directory to look up contact information or unknown numbers in your call log. It's the easiest and most convenient way to get the cell phone data you need instantly.

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What is the most popular PDA cell phone?

Personally I think that the BlackBerry is the most popular PDA cell phone. Most cell phone carriers all feature a Blackberry phone. The styles of the phones may very but they all carry them.

What is most popular cell phone?

metro pcs

What is the most popular cell phone service?


Which mobile cell phones are most popular?

It's hard to say which cell phone is the most popular, but companies like Verizon wireless and AT&T wireless are probably the most well know cell phone companies right now.

What is the most popular type of cell phone?

Mostly iPhones and Androids, smartphones.

What are the most popular cell phone's case colors?

ROYGBIV and animal prints

What is the most popular birthday present for a teenager?

A new cell phone, and accessories.

What are popular or essential cell phone apps?

The most popular cell phone apps are usually games, Temple run and Tiny Zoo are two very popular games. A weather app is also a good choice to download to your phone.

What cell phone is the most used?

From a poll, the RIM BlackBerry Tour (9630) was the most popular.

What are some of the most popular Blackberry cell phone accessories?

Some of the most popular Blackberry cell phone accessories include data cables, skins, snap-on protectors, LCD protectors, batteries, memory cards, phone holders, and pouches.

What are some popular cell phone accessories?

Cell phone accessories vary from person to person. Most people only purchase cell phone hard cases to protect their mobile devices, since most people nowadays have very expensive phones. Otterbox cases are very popular.

What phone brand is the most popular in China?

The post popular phone brand in China is currently Apple, as most people around there carry iPhones. Nonetheless, Lenovo and Samsung are also very popular cell phone brands as well.

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