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Some popular toys in 1996 were the cabbage patch girls, barbie dolls and beanie babies. Ask your parents for help as well. They may know some toys that were greatly popular at the time. Think about toys that are popular now and compare them with other toys from 1996. The more the better when it comes to reports.

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Q: What was some popular toys in 1996?
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What was the most popular toy in 1996?

There were numerous toys that was popular in the year 1996. The most popular toys was the Tickle Me Elmo doll.

Most popular toys in 1996?

There were several popular toys for kids in 1996. A few of the toys were Tickle Me Elmo, Cookie Baby Alive, and Marvel Super Heroes Collector Pack.

What were the most popular toys in 1996?

action man and barbie

What were popular toys of 1996?

Action Man and Barbie were popular, but i cant remember what else =)

What toys were popular in 1996?

idont really no this thing wont tell me

What were the most popular toys around in 1996?

barbie doll and a dick

What type of toys were most popular in 1996?

Action man and Barbi.

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