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press the switch! how else do you turn something on ??

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Q: What to say to turn a guy on?
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What do you say to turn a guy on?

tell him what you're gonna do to him tonight.

How do you talk to the guy that sits behind you?

Turn around and say "Hi"

What can you say to a guy to turn him on through texting?

You don't text a guy to turn him on. Just go up to him and talk to him. It's got to work. If he's not into you when talking to you, you know that he isn't the right guy for you.

When you say to a guy i want to feel you inside me what does he think?

When a girl says that to a guy its his BIGGEST turn gets him crazy!!!

What is a good thing to say to turn a guy on?

well as far as i no if you want a guy turned on just say well do you wanna have sex that's whats a guy wants to hear these days

What do you say to a guy to turn him on?

Say something amusing or ask him his favourite entertainments like 'Do you like HSM?'

What do you do when a guy asks you who you like and you like him?

Turn the tables & say "Why, are you interested" (or similar).

What can you say to turn on a guy?

jst tel him those key words wit smiles on your face,'your the best guy have ever met', if though its not from your heart.

How do you turn a guy down nicely that you have been unconsiously flirting with?

you say your sorry but you are just not interested say it sweetly and nice. don't forget to say sorry

Can a guy have turn on?

well this dont make sence,can a guy have a turn on.yes

Can you turn blood off in cod black ops?

NO! why would you even do that? *sigh* This guy is incredibly wrong, you can turn it off, as all of the other questions say.

How do you turn down a guy friend for a date?

Just say no thanks, I have another date. I am going with someone else.

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