What the normal pressure for pool pump?

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There is no "real" normal. Pumps can show pressure readings around 10 psi (usually the minimum) to 20-25 psi. I have opened my pool one spring with a pressure of 10 psi and the next year open the pool with a reading of 15 psi. Nothing is wrong with the pump or filter as I get good flow in the outtake and the debris sight glass (on the filter) is crystal clear. A good solution to ensure proper pressure would be to "baseline" your reading on opening of the pool. It it reads, for example: 10 psi, this would be your baseline reading. Keep a watch of your gauge. Make sure when your pump if off, your gauge should show a reading of "0". If it increases to 15-20 psi during operation, it's time to back flush. Your pressure gauge is an excellent tool which will tell you when you should back flush....

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2013-05-26 21:51:34
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Q: What the normal pressure for pool pump?
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Doughboy pool pump motor turns no pressure?

pump was ok until I cleaned mess in pool. after that lost pressure. Changed sand but no luck

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What is normal pressure rate for a pool?


When do you back flush a pool?

When the pressure on your pump goes up

What is a normal operating pressure for a jacuzzi sand filter for an above ground pool?

What is a normal operating pressure for a jacuzzi sand filter for an above ground pool?"

Is it normal for the pool pump to fill up with water while the pool is still filling up?

Certainly, if the pump is running. The primary pump intake is the main drain at the deepest part of the pool.

What causes a pool pump from losing water pressure?

a leak on a pipe

Why did the pool pump pressure increase when PhosFree was added?

The pressure increasing indicates that something is blocking the filter.

What is the purpose of a pool booster pump?

In most cases a booster pump is used to provide additional water pressure to an automatic pool cleaner , sometimes they are used to provide additional water flow and pressure to a connected spa. A low pressure pump may also be used to pump water through a solar heater.

What is too low for pool pump pressure?

Probably below 5#'s ???

What could be the cause for your pool whips to stop moving after two hours of filtration when the pressure reads normal on the sand filter?

Clean and empty in ground pool filter, clean and empty filter near pool pump. Be sure all whips are clear of dibris. also do a flush of the system. If this does not help, you will need to have a C02 charge done between the pool line and the pool pump. OR you may need to have your impeller replaced in the pool motor.

Why would the pool pump pressure be zero?

Strainer basket id full or blocked

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