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"Choose a JPG, non-animated GIF, BMP or PNG file. Non-square images will be cropped. For best results upload an 800 px by 800 px image. Do not upload pictures containing celebrities, nudity, artwork or copyrighted images. Maximum file size is 1 MB."

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2013-05-31 20:19:09
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Q: What size does your display picture on YouTube?
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How can i put a profile picture on my YouTube channel?

If you link your Google account to your youtube account, then your Google profile picture will automatically display.

How do you change your display picture on YouTube?

Go to your channel page on YouTube. Click on Channel Settings. You should be able to change your picture there.

Am I allowed to promote a relative on YouTube?

Yes, you can promote a relative on YouTube as long as you don't display their full name or a real life video or picture of them. If you wish to display a video or picture of them in your video, or use their full name, you may want to get permission from them first before uploading your video onto YouTube because your video could be flagged fro "Privacy Violations" if you don't get permission from your relatives first.

What is the size of your display picture in Windows Live Messenger?

The size of the MSN icon (as of 2012) is 96 pixels high by 96 pixels wide.

How do you upload picture to YouTube with iPod?

No, But you can not upload/change picture to YouTube from your iPod.

Can you display a picture of a banni rooster?

You can display a picture of a bani a rooster. The location of the display may need permission from the owner of the location.

Will Panasonic 720p plasma display 1080p picture?

It will display the picture, but it will not display the full HD resolution and the image may appear distorted

Can you change your display picture on yahoo mail chat?

yes i can display picture on yahoo mail chat

What is the dimensions of the profile picture on youtube?

The dimensions of a profile picture should be about 800 pixels by 800 pixels for YouTube. The picture used on YouTube will be the same one used for Google+.

How do you open the display picture for the sweetIM monkey?

you go to google and search sweetIM monkey picture and website and you will see display picture and website with picture. ur welcome

How do you put multiple picture on your youtube channel?

Currently, you can have 2 - 3 pictures displayed on your YouTube channel. You can display a single image or an arrayed or patterned version of an image on your channel page spanning the background, and you can have a channel art image and you can also have your channel profile picture displayed on your channel as well.

How do you enable videos as MSN display pictures?

you can record a 4-second webcam video for your display picture You will need a webcam * Click on your display picture, or click menu - tools - change your display picture * click the webcam picture button. sign in > press 'alt' > tools > options > personal > display picture > browse > F3 > select video you wish to use > Apply > OK

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