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The BT company, although known for phone lines also offers a range of products and services for businesses. They offer broadband and internet, networking services, domains and hosting as well as IT support and security.

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2013-05-10 06:12:15
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Q: What services other than phone lines are offered by BT?
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What type of phone services does broadband offer?

Internet service providers of broadband offer phone services including VoIP and dedicated telephone land lines. Other standard phone services offered include call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and voice messaging.

What services are offered by VoIP phone providers?

There are many services offered by VoIP phone providers. Some of the services offered by VoIP phone providers usually include unlimited minutes, select international calls, and help and support tools.

What services are provided by PhoneFusion?

PhoneFusion is a company which provides communication services, these include phone lines and answer phones to individuals and multiple phone line services, call centre phone lines and answering services to businesses.

What services are offered by Crawford Communications?

The services which are offered by Crawford Communications include the following: phone and broadband internet service for its users, emergency/burner phones along with iPhones and other popular brands.

What type of services are offered for small businesses at Verizon?

The telecommunications business Verizon offers a number of services for small businesses. These include business phone lines, phone and internet bundles, high speed internet and FIOS fiber optic internet.

What are the best prepaid phone services offered in the United States?


What are the bellsouth services?

Bellsouth services offer you home phone or business phone services. They may offer internet service for your home and business now. This is not offered everywhere.

What services are offered on the UK DialaPhone website?

Services that are offered on the UK DialaPhone website include phone plans and selling cellular devices. For phone plans, they offer their customers upgrade plans or pay as you go plans.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual number, otherwise known as a virtual telephone number is not associated with a direct phone line. They are apparently programmed to be fowarded to other phone lines or services.

A cable modem uses phone lines for transmission and is bundled with your local phone services?


What are the services offered in a cruise ship?

There are so many services like Guest services , Internet and Phone Services , Dinner , parties , weeding services depend on your demand.

What services are provided by Telecom Solutions LLC?

The company Telecom Solutions LLC delivers phone lines and phone services. They are centered around the business of communication, both land lines and wireless. In layman's terms: They can service your cord phone and cell phone.

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