What services do iPod repair companies offer?

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iPod repair companies offer many services such as the replacement of the front glass, repair of the cameras, and the repair of the technological hardware. It can also include software repairs.

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Q: What services do iPod repair companies offer?
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What companies offer repair services for a broken iPod?

There appear to be a number of places where one can get a broken iPod repaired. There are sites such as "icracked" that offers on demand repair, mail in repair or do it yourself repair kits. There is also a company called Digi Express that does repair for iPods and more information can be found on their site.

What companies offer aftermarket ipod car kits?

There are several companies that offer these kits. One obvious company that sells them is Apple. Other companies that offer these kits are Amazon and I Car Kits.

Are there CD players with iPod docks?

Many companies offer these great devices. Which are CD players with iPod docks. These systems offer great speakers with the ability to alter your stereo systems.

Where can one student buy a discounted iPod?

One student can buy a discounted iPod from the official iPod company website. These companies often offer a pretty big discounts for students who are attending a school.

Do any rental car companies offer cars that come with everything needed to connect my Apple iPod?

Many newer cars offer full connectivity with the Apple iPod. One of the best cars with iPod connectivity is the Ford Focus. Check with rental companies to see if they rent this specific car. Enterprise has several vehicle models that offer iPod connections. Right now the easiest will be a Ford vehicle with an iPhone or iPod Touch. You should contact them several days in advance to request this feature.

Where can you find an iPod repair service?

"Some local electronic stores may offer iPod repair service as several companies online do. The most trusted place to take your iPod to be fixed would be the Apple Store or through Apple's website. If you're looking for specific information as to how to fix something yourself or how to possibly fix a glitch, if you could provide us with more information we'll be able to see if we can help you fix a specific problem."

What does the company agent18 offer by way of services or products?

The company agent18 is offering Apple products. For Example they are offering: iPhone, iPhone touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod mini, iPad and films.

How can you fixed your iPod?

There are many repair shops for ipods. Try searching for ipod repair followed by the name of your town

How can one repair an iPod station?

iPod stations are used to allow an iPod to play audio files. Repair places may include Apple, electronic repair stores, and the manufacturer of the station, if it is different than Apple.

Where is the iPod Repair Clinic located?

The iPod Repair Clinic is located in WestLos Angeles In California.Shipping Information:iPod Repair Clinic1520 Reeves St.Los Angeles, CA, 90035-2929

Will radioshack repair jailbroken iPod Touch?

I guess

Are you Able to find a lost Ipod with a Repair ID?


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