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Apple iPod's are the best mp3 players for play time in my opinion.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-20 01:26:35
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Q: What mp3 players have the longest play time?
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What are the differences between mp3 and mp4 players?

The main difference between MP3 and MP4 players is the form of media they play. MP3 players play audio, whereas MP4 players are capable of playing videos.

Can all CD players play mp3 cds?

No, only CD players which are specifically designed with mp3 in mind can play mp3 disks. There will usually be an mp3 logo on the front of the player to signify this.

What is the difference between an mp3 player and an iPod?

An ipod is a type of mp3 player. mp3 players are devices that play a music file called mp3. Ipods are made to play mp3's. Ipods are mp3 players that apple makes (with a cool name)

How do mp3 players play music?

they read the mp3 files that have been downloaded onto it

How come iPods are way much better than MP3 players?

Because MP3 players cannot carry alot of features, play more songs like iPods and can't play any games. iPods has alot more features than MP3 players. iPods are more expensive than MP3 players. Ipods ARE a type of MP3 player.

Do MP3 players play music?

No it plays MP4's...

What DVD players also play mp3s?

Most Newer models of DVD players can play MP3's.

Can you download videos into the small mp3 player?

No you can't. mp3 players are meant to play songs (mp3 format) not videos (mp4 format). You can put them in, but you will not be able to play them on your mp3 player.

How often do people buy mp3 player speakers in this society?

MP3 players which strictly play MP3 files, is not too common in this day and age. However, MP3 players such as the ipod nano are readily available nonetheless.

Do the Gosselin sextuplets have MP3 players?

They do have Mp3 players.

Can MP3 players win iPods?

No. iPods can win MP3 players but MP3 players cannot win iPods.

Can you play mp3 through your stereo?

Yes, providing you have the required ports and cables you can play them from your iPod, mp3 player, etc. However, some CD players do not recognise the MP3 format if they are on a CD and will not play such CDs.

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