What moves do bagon learn?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Bagon is part of the Rock Head Pokemon species. Some of the moves Bagon can learn include focus energy, dragon claw, rage, and head-butt.

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Q: What moves do bagon learn?
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What moves bagon can learn in ruby?

What moves bagon learn during evolving?

Does bagon learn zen headbutt?

bagon learns zen headbutt at lv.37

Bagon in a egg how teach him new moves?

let him hatch first.

What moves can exeggcute learn?

it can learn Grass and Psychic moves

What Pokemon can learn dragon claw in fire red?

bagon shelgon salamece rayquaza

In Pokemon emerald can a bagon learn hydro pump by breeding?

It can if you breed it with Gyarados Yes it can because its an egg type move which means it can only learn this move from breeding a Pokemon as the same egg type as bagon which is dragon. You only need to breed bagon or one of its evolved forms like shelgon or salamence with a Pokemon whose egg type is dragon and knows the move hydro pump. Of course when passing on moves the likely hood always increases if both Pokemon know the move but that isn't possible in this case. Since Gyrados is a Water 2/Dragon egg type it is possible to produce a bagon with hydro pump. from Satores

What level flygon learn to fly?

just find a bagon and level it up to 50 then it will evolve into salamence and it will learn the move fly

What moves does Delcatty learn in Pokemon Emerald?

None, it only has pre-evolution moves and egg moves but it does not learn any moves.

How can you get a bagon on Pokemon ruby with the move rock slide?

I tried chain breeding camerupt->spheal->horsea->bagon, but the spheal doesnt want to learn rock slide i dont get it, it is the same egg group,right? is there any pokemon with 2 egg groups than can learn rock slide so i can pass rock slide to bagon eventually?

What moves does argon learn?

Argon is an element and so it does not learn any moves!

Can kindra learn new moves?

Of course it can learn dragon moves such as dragonbreath and dragon dance and also can learn moves like twister and waterfall.