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Bagon is part of the Rock Head Pokemon species. Some of the moves Bagon can learn include focus energy, dragon claw, rage, and head-butt.

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Q: What moves do bagon learn?
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What moves bagon can learn in ruby?

What moves bagon learn during evolving?

Does bagon learn zen headbutt?

bagon learns zen headbutt at lv.37

Bagon in a egg how teach him new moves?

let him hatch first.

What moves does Delcatty learn in Pokemon Emerald?

None, it only has pre-evolution moves and egg moves but it does not learn any moves.

What moves does argon learn?

Argon is an element and so it does not learn any moves!

What level does a Ninetales learn moves?

After Vulpix evolves into Ninetails, it doesn't learn anymore moves. Most stone evolvers do not learn anymore moves once they are evolved. You have to train them till you get moves you are happy with, then evolve them. They can learn moves from TMs though.

Can kindra learn new moves?

Of course it can learn dragon moves such as dragonbreath and dragon dance and also can learn moves like twister and waterfall.

What moves does tauros learn?

tauros does not learn a lot of moves but can earn strange moves like surf and waterfall

What are the moves dragonite can learn?

Dragonite can learn a lot of moves except for some special moves from different types.

What moves does medicham learn?

normally medicham learn normal pchychic and fighting moves

Is it true Arceus can learn every move but Focus Punch?

no, arceus is a Pokemon that can learn a lot of moves, he can even learn fly but there are many moves that he cannot learn. the only Pokemon that can learn all moves is mew...

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