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Walmart sells almost every mobile phone from the latest iPhone to the latest Samsung and Blackberry. All of these well known and high quality mobile phones can be purchased at walmart.

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Q: What mobile phones does Walmart sell?
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Do you think Walmart sells virgin mobile phones?

Yes, in fact Walmart does sell Virgin mobile phones. Virgin phones can be found at Walmart's online site and in store mostly sold as a prepaid bundle.

Where can one purchase no contract mobile phones?

There are many places where one can purchase no contract mobile phones. Best Buy, Target and Walmart all sell mobile phones like this for purchase. HTC and T-Mobile also sell no contract phones.

Do Walmart sell ready to go prepaid phones?

Based on information available on the web it seems that Walmart does sell ready to go prepaid phones. More information about the phones that Walmart sell can be found at

Do t mobile sell you phones?

Yes, T Mobile sells phones.

Can you put mobile phones on layaway at walmart?


What does T-Mobile sell?


Do walmart phones have good quality?

Walmart offers two different types of phones, they have StraightTalk Mobile and then Walmart Family Mobile. Like any other company the quality of the product varies according to price.

Does t mobile sell you phones?


Does walmart sell pre paid phones?

Yes, Walmart does sell a wide variety of prepaid cell phones. The price range runs from $10.00 to $328.00.

Does Walmart sell garmin gps phones?

Yes walmart does sell garmin gps phones, if they do not have it in stock at your store you can always go to there website and order it from there site to store.

Does Walmart sell expandable cordless phones?

Yes Walmart does sell expandable cordless phones. They sell a lot of different brands tho so the best thing to do would be to go and look at them.

What does Sony Ericsson sell?

Sony Ericsson sell Mobile Phones.

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