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Q: What is toy with ball attached to a handle with string?
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What is a bilboquet?

A bilboquet is a traditional children's toy consisting of a wooden cup with a handle, and a ball attached to the cup by a string.

A cup and ball might be given at christmas what is it?

This is likely a reference to a common Victorian era toy given to children for gifting holidays. It is similar to the Mxican balero or the Japanese Kendama. It is essentially a wooden toy made of a cup like structure with a string attached to a ball on one end and the handle of the cup at the other.

What is that game that toy you play with a ball on a string?

ball in a cup

What toys do Indian play with?

Indians play with these toys sometimes made out of wood. One type of toy is this wreath made of wood with a hole in the middle and a ball attached to a string. You try to get the ball in the hole.

What was the toy where you had a wheel and you had a plastic string thing and you stuck it inside the handle pulled it real hard then the wheel spun off?

BeyBlades! There are also different variations of this toy.

A cat toy is hanging by a string tied to a doorknob Identify two separate forces that are acting on the toy?

Gravity is acting on the toy, and there is also tension in the string that ties the toy to the doorknob.

What is a for ball?

A ball can be a toy.

A toy that can be bounced?

A ball, or squishy toy...........

What toy do cats use?

string balls, toy mice or anything that sqeaks

What starting with y is a toy with a string attach to your finger?

A yo yo toy

How do you fix a pull string toy when the string comes out?

ask company to fix it

How do pull string toys work?

you pull the string, the toy talks or whatever.

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