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Don't know value, and without serial number listed, dates of manufacture run from 1884 for # 1 to 1902 starting @ # 89300.

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Q: What is the manufacture date and value of a colt lightning 44 cal. rifle serial?
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What is value and date of manufacture of Browning a-bolt rifle with serial?

Impossible to answer without the sn and a detailed description.

What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 94 serial 3736918?

1972 is the date of manufacture. The value would depend on the caliber of the rifle and condition.

What is the date of manufacture and the value of a model 94 Winchester 30-30 rifle with serial number 1435098?


What is the value of a Colt Lightning 38 Pump Action Rifle Serial number 72540?

Made in 1894. Value depends on condition. Range could be 100-2000 USD.

What is the year of manufacture and approximate value of a take down browning 22 rifle serial number 62243 in poor condition?

1959; 100 USD

What is the value of a Model 62 Winchester .22 rifle with serial 11466?

What is the value of a Model 62 Winchester .22 rifle with serial 21072

What is age and value of Slavia model 618 pellet rifle Serial 23444 with 14 barrel?

very little is written about this manufacture. All I can tell you is it started in 2005

What is the value of a Remington model 660 rifle 350 magnum the date of manufacture of serial number 6250964 is 1983?

Yes. I was told the date of manufacture was stamped in the side of the barrel at the receiver on the left. This is what was there9 0s 83.

What is a fair value for a Winchester 94 30-30cal Carbine?

If you could supply the serial number so I may date the manufacture of your rifle,Then I could give you a reasonable value for your winchester model 1894.

What is the value of your Winchester 22 caliber rifle serial number 209433?

In order to get a accurate value for the rifle in question,you will need to add the model number of the rifle,and the overall condition of the rifle to your question along with the serial number.

What was the manufacture date of 32 Special Model 1894 serial number 464375 and approximate value of the rifle?

Winchester Model 1894 serial number 464375 was manufactured in the year 1910. The value can only be determined by a visual inspection & evaluation. Bert H.

What is the value of a colt serial?

It tells the year of manufacture of a Colt.