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Everything I hated the movie it's just really creep and stupid

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2011-09-14 02:04:06
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Q: What is the difference between the book and movie of Coraline?
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Was Coraline a book before a movie?

yes it was a book before it was a movie

Will Coraline kiss Wybie in Coraline?

Neither the book nor the movie had any scene where Coraline kisses Wybie.

Is the movie Coraline based off a previously filmed movie?

It's based on the Book Coraline by Neil Gaiman

What is the difference from the Coraline book and movie?

it's different because the story is a different order and it doesn't have the boy Wybie in it.

Where does Coraline take place?

In the book Coraline takes place in England, in the movie however it takes place in Ashland, Oregon.

What is different in coraline the movie and coraline the book?

Um... the the boy (Wybie) is in the movie but isn't in the book. It also goes in different orders like the bit where Coraline want the gloves but her mum says no, in the movie, she already discovers the door but in the book, she still hasn't discovered it until here mum goes grocery shopping.

What books did neil gaiman make into a movie?

The Graveyard Book , Coraline ,

Is the movie stardust a book?

Yes. It was first a book and then a movie, the book was written by Niel Gaiman, the same author who wrote Coraline.

Is there a difference between the book IT and the movie?

The movie is really bad, the book, sublime.

Was the book Coraline a Newbery Honor Book?

No, the book Coraline was not a Newbery Honor book

What is the difference between the book The Cay and the movie?

the different is that the book is not good and the movie is better.

Who is the hero in the book Coraline?

Coraline Jones .

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