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QJ19LM uses a CDI resistor, while RJ19LM uses a regular resistor.

SOURCE: Champion website

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Q: What is the difference between qj19lm and rj19lm?
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What is the difference between J19LM and QJ19LM plug?

The J19LM and QJ19LM are Champion brand spark plugs used for garden machinery. The difference between them is their resistors, the J19LM use a regular resistor while the QJ19LM uses a CDI resistor.

What is the difference between an RJ19LM and J19LM plug?

The RJ19LM has an added resistor to reduce radio interference. You can use either model for your application as they are interchangeable.

What can you cross reference for a champion rj2yle?

nothing, the difference between this plug and a rj19lm is minimal, but it has an extended electrode and a wide gap .040 instead of .030. You could theoretically use a 19lm with little issue but I wouldn't recommend it.

Does it make any difference using a RJ19LM spark plug versus a J19LM?

The "R" just designates a resistor plug. You are fine with the J19LM.

What spark plug replaces the rj2yxle?


What is the gap for a Champion Spark Plug RJ19LM?

Champion spark plug RJ19LM is for lawn mowers or similar equipment. The standard gap is .030 inches or 0.76mm.

What does r stand for in a rj19lm spark plug?


What plug can you cross reference for a champion RJ19HX?


Can champion plug J19LM replace RJ19LM?


Can you replace a champion RJ19HX with a RJ19LM?

If you damaged a Champion RJ19HX spark plug, then you can indeed replace and substitute that with a Champion RJ19LM spark plug due to the similarity in their sizes.

Can you use a champion rj19lm spark plug in a lawnmower?


What spark plug for toro 20092?

Champion RJ19LM will work.