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plug and play devices are automatically detected by the operating system,

where as non plug in play devices are not automatically detected by the

operating system.

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Q: What is the difference between plug and play and non plug and play devices?
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Means the operating system automatically configures new devices as you install them?

Plug and play

What is the difference between electronic devices and electrical devices?

electrical devices are things that are plug into outlets, like a blender. electronic devices are devices that carry electricity in it so that it doesn't have to be plugged in, like your cell phone or Game Boy.

What is non plug and play device?

Non plug and play devices must have a unique irq. True or false

The configures all legacy and Plug and Play devices and communicates these configurations to devices?

configuration manager

What is the difference between light sockets and plug sockets in the home?

what is the difference between plug ang socket?

Which expansion slots support Plug and Play devices?

Cnr & pci

Windows 7 standard users are permitted to install plug and play devices only if their devices are?

digitally signed

What if UPnP framework is added to windows firewall exception list?

UPnP stands for universal plug and play. If you have a network (more than one computer in your home that are networked to share a connection) and you want to share plug and play devices (like a printer, perhaps) then this exception will keep your firewall from blocking plug and play devices. If you do not want to share plug and play devices, you should disable the exception. If you do have a network, make sure it is secure.

How can you play American playstaion games on Australian consoles?

the only difference between the consoles is how to plug the console into the tv and the wall, other than that there is no difference at all between the styles, im Australian and i play games from America on my ps2

Are plug and play devices assigned resources by the Bios or operating system?

Operating system

What is it called when you can remove and replace devices without turning off your computer?


What allows you to insert and remove devices while the computer is running?

Plug & Play devices can be inserted/removed while Computer is running.

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