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Printers, scanners, game controllers, and security dongles are all examples of peripherals.

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2013-06-28 18:31:11
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Q: What is the difference between peripheral devices and network devices?
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Connects one computer to other computers and peripheral devices?

network card

What is the meaning of use of computer network?

The meaning of Computer network is focusing on sharing data and peripheral devices like printer, scanner, and other devices.

How does sharing peripheral devices reduce costs for a company?

Network allows for the sharing of devices and can reduce costs for a company.

What is difference between node and port?

Port is present in switch where as Node is a piece of equipment, such as a PC or peripheral, attached to a network.

What is the difference between network and topology?

Group of devices connected together forms a Network & structure (design) in which they interconnect is called Topology.

What is the difference between network and computer network with examples?

Network is a general term describing the communication between two entities that not necessarily be computers but in a computer network the devices are computing devices only. network: 1)network b/w two persons talking to each other. 2)Telephone,walkie talkieetc computer network: Internet,mobile internet

What consists of connected computers and peripheral devices that are located close to each other?

LAN - Local Area Network

What is a difference between a system and a network?

Operating system protects the computers data from viruses and hackers on the network.. network security protects all devices, servers,m computers ,mainframes on the network.

What is the difference between the internet www and network?

Internet is a huge network which connects people, computers, and other devices world wide, that's why it is WWW(world wide web). Network is a connection between computers and devices(like computer to printer etc) which doesn't use internet.

What is a communications network?

Hope this would help you!A communications network is a communication system that allows two or more computer and their peripheral devices to be connected in order to exchange data and information.telecommunications network

A local area network connects one computer to other computers and peripheral devices within an office or building?


What is the difference between network and internetwork?

The difference between the two is that a network could be defined as a group of locally connected computers (Eg: Computers connected in an office buliding); whereas, An internetwork is a collection of individual networks, connected by intermediate networking devices, that functions as a single large network

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