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Lawn tennis game played on a grass surface but Badminton game played with light rackets

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Q: What is the difference between lawn tennis and badminton?
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What is the difference between tennis and badminton?

Lawn tennis game played on a grass surface but Badminton game played with light rackets

Is lawn tennis associated with the double fault?

yes lawn tennis and badminton

What looks the same as badminton?

The Lawn Tennis is same as badminton.

Who is the mahesh bupati in badminton game?

Mahesh Bhupati plays Lawn tennis not badminton..

What the meaning of Badminton?

A game, similar to lawn tennis, played with shuttlecocks., A preparation of claret, spiced and sweetened.

The term 'love' is used in which two game?

love is used in the games of badminton and lawn tennis. it means ZERO or NO POINT

What is the difference between lawn tennis and tennis?

Lawn Tennis is the regular tennis that we all know today. Little do many people know, there is a (outdated) sport called real tennis. It involves playing tennis with very heavy balls and small racquets in a small cubicle where the ball is allowed to ricochet off the walls.

What is the difference between real tennis and lawn tennis?

Lawn tennis is known to be played on grass, which makes the ball bounce much slower than on a regular hard court. The pace of the game is much slower so there are less winners and longer rallies

What are the information of lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is a tennis

What are the differences between lawn tennis real tennis and royal tennis?

Refer to the link, below.

What are all the sports that are been played at wolmers high school for girls?

cheerleading, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, hockey, football, badminton, volleyball, netball, cricket, swimming

When discovered lawn tennis?

when was lawn tennis invented