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The main difference between a regular cell phone and a VoIP cell phone is that the VoIP allows one to make phone calls using the internet. VoIP means "voice over internet protocol".

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Q: What is the difference between a regular cell phone and a VoIP cell phone?
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What's the difference between a regular phone setup in a business and a hosted business phone?

Hosted phone systems, also known as VoIP, are different because VoIP service is over the internet and costs a lot less. This can help to free up your regular phone lines and to help you keep your business budget low.

What is the difference between VOIP and digital telephone service?

Digital phone service uses exisiting phone lines. VOIP service uses your internet signal.

What device is required so that you can connect a regular phone to voip network?

a VOIP adapter

What is the difference between a regular cell phone and VoIP phones?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is a software which is used to communicate over the internet using a microphone which is connected to your computer. The drawback to this is that you must be at your computer in order to make your call compared to the portability of a cell phone, however, using VoIP is free.

Is voip service as good as regular phone service?

Yes, VoIP service is as good as regular phone service - they have the same features and high call quality that can compete with traditional telephone services.

What are the advantages of voip service over regular phone service?

VoIP can be free, and cheaper. You can avoid paying extra and there are extra features you can do.VoIP is sometimes less quality then regular phone service though.

If you have decided to establish a voip system in your home?

A VoIP phone system is a good system that can help your home in saving expensive monthly bills from regular phone companies.

Are residential voip providers different?

No there is no difference between these two services. This service is used to communicate via the internet like a phone.

is there a difference between business and personal phones?

Yes, there can be a difference between business and personal phones. Sometimes business phones will have extra features such as conference calling that a personal phone won't have. Or perhaps, a business phone will have VoIP capability that a personal phone won't have.

Are VoIP and Telephony the same thing?

Theoretically - yes. The difference is that VoIP is used over the internet, whereas standard telephony is connected directly to the phone network. The main difference - is that VoIP calls are usually free !

Name the advantages of voip phones.?

One of the best advantages of VOIP is the ability to call anywhere in the world without having a high phone bill. The only cost you will have is your monthly internet bill. With using a regular phone you are charged for per minute for your phone calls. VOIP also allows you to set up conference calls with multiple people, while the regular phone only allows two people to talk at one time. VOIP also includes caller ID, contact lists and voicemail. As long as you have a good internet connection, the advantages outnumber the disadvantages of VOIP over the regular phone.

Can Voip solutions be used for home phones?

Yes there are companies such as vonage that use voip. This is a great alternative solution to regular home phone services. Voip solutions usually require that you have high speed internet.

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