What is the best position for lesbians?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the best position for lesbians?
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Should lesbians be hated?

No lesbians are the best

Where is best place lesbians could marry?

The best place where lesbians could marry is in Belgium.

What is the best way for lesbians to come?

There is no best way. It is a matter of personal preference.

What is the best sexual thing two lesbians can do?

Not date men.

What should you do if your best friends are lesbians?

Be happy for them, it's their choice.

Why did sumerians levees?

lesbians and gays and more yes and furry hangout that is the best

Are lesbians more attracted to straight women than other lesbians?

Actually, there's research that lesbians have a preference for other lesbians.

Can girls be lesbians?

All lesbians are girls, but not all girls are lesbians. Yes. The answer is yes.

Are there more blacks lesbians than whites lesbians?

The amount of white and black lesbians are quite similar. In America there are more black lesbians however in England there are more white lesbians.

Do lesbians wear anything to show that they are lesbians?

No, they do not.

Which are sexier bisexuals or lesbians?

Hot lesbians.

Is netball for lesbians?

Of course netball is for lesbians.