What is the best non touch screen phone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the best non touch screen phone?
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Can a non touch screen phone get a signature?


Can non touch screen can be a touch screen?

no,it can not be a touch screen if it is non touch screen.

Is it possible to get doodle jump on a non touch screen phone?


How do you repair non functioning screen of a touch screen phone?

you have to stop being a cheapo and go pay to get it fixed

Best cell phone for long nails?

Any cell phone with non-rubber key pads are friendly on long nails. Don't try to purchase a touch-screen phone because your nails will barely work on the screen. Rubber key pads will get worn out easily.

Why can a non touch screen not be a touch screen?

Because the outside has put one touch screen panel, so then any LCD/LED can change as touch screen.

How does phone locks work?

if u have one on a touch screen phone then it should be circles in settings and the u can choose the pattern and save it but if it is on a non touch screen phone then u put in numbers so people cant go through your messages ,music ,phone numbers , and photos and it is also in settings.

Is a touch screen camera a good camera?

A touch screen camera is good to one that knows how to take care of it and use it properly I guess. This is because the touch screen ones are bit more sensitive compared to the non touch screen. One advantage I see in non-touch screen is that there is no accidental pushing of the button as compared to the touch screen.

What led to the development of the iPod touch?

The creation of the iPhone led to the development of the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch was meant to be a non-phone alternative for a touch screen iPod, and just a next line of iPod.

Do dsi has touch screen?

The Nintendo DSi, like the two previous incarnations of the DS, has two screens, one a non-touch screen and one touch screen.

Is it possible to get doodle jump on a non-touch screen phone?

Unfortunately not. Doodle Jump by Lima Sky is an app exclusively for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch.

Is there a way to make a computer that is not touchscreen into a touchscreen computer?

No there is no way you can make a non touch screen - a touch screen.You need to buy a monitor with touch screen.