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Eleven year old's should not date, besides there is no dating websites for 11 year old's.

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Q: What is the best dating website for 11 year olds?
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What is the name of the dating website for 12 year olds?

What is the best online dating for 40 year olds?

Well there isn't really a specific online dating search for 40 year olds. But when you go to an online dating website it usually asks your age and you click on the choice that is closest to yours and will give you a wide variety of choices.

Is there a free online dating program for 10 year olds?

No. Ten-year-olds shouldn't be dating anyway!

Is it dating website for 11-13 yeaR OLDS?

There are chat rooms for preteens, but there are no legal dating sites for anyone under the age of 18.

What dating sites are for 10 year olds?

there are no dating sites for 10 year olds, because that is not yet a dating age, all the dating sites are for adults only.

Is there a dating website for 12 and older?

12 year olds can only hope :P no there's no dating sites for 12 y/o, on 18+

What is the best Miley Cyrus website for ten year olds and that is free?

Is their speed dating for 14 year olds?


Should 13 year olds be dating?


Is there online dating for 11 year olds?

There is not an online dating site for 11 year olds. When you hit 13, then there are dating sites your to young to be dating. focus on school and stuff first. dating is over rated.

Should 9 year olds be dating?

no, because they are to young to be dating at that age

Is there online dating for 10 year olds?

No. There are no such websites for minors, because:The law requires you to be 13 or over to have accounts online.The law requires you to be 18 or over (sometimes 21 or over in some countries) to access adult material.A minor does not understand the concept of love and dating as an adult does, no matter how much they think they do.Such a site would be banned almost instantly because it is a liability and a hassle to law enforcement due to the high risk of sex offenders who will prey on such sites.

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