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xxli is lager?

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2012-04-25 00:51:20
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Q: What is size difference between an XL men's shirt and an XXLl men's shirt?
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What mens clothing begins with the letter m?

examples: mens clothing mens pants mens shirt

Is there a difference between mens soccer balls and womens soccer balls?


What does a womans size 3x in a shirt convert to in a mens shirt?

It would be about a 2x in men's.

What is the difference between the ladies game of golf and mens game of golf?

ther is no difference except for women who get more hits and the target is closer and easier to get.While mens are opposite

How do you make a mens shirt fit a girl?

grow one

How much did a men's shirt cost in the 1930s?

A mens broadcloth shirt cost $1.00 in the 1930's

What is the difference between men's and womens hyperdunks?

Womens is more narrow than mens. If you get mens it may be too wide and not enough stability will be provided.

How many meters fabric need to construct a shirt?

For a mens shirt It could be between 1.8 to 2.2 meters depending on the size. To be safe at we assume 2 metres when evaluating stock.

Is there a difference between womens and mens superdry hoodies?

The only difference between mens and womens Superdry hoodies is the fitting and colour. Myself, womens Superdry hoodies are better fitting than mens. There is nothing wrong with it as it looks like a unisex hoodie. The only way you can tell is if the hoodie is specially for a male or female.

The difference between mens and womens lacrosse?

Men wear more equipment and padding and are allowed to check.

What is a garment starting with d?

derby (hat), Dickeys (mens shirt front)

Where can I find a mens insulateed shirt brand name Shaver lake?


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