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There is no maximum age for employment. There IS a minimum age.

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Q: What is maximum age for Walmart employees?
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What is the average age of walmart employees?


Home many people at walmart telecommute?

The employees of Walmart are not known to telecommute. About 5% of Walmart employees that work on-site at the headquarters are allowed to telecommute. Employees who work in retail are required to work within the Walmart stores.

What company has the most employees?

Walmart - 2.1 million employees In the Forbes Rich List, Walmart was mentioned as having 2 million employees.

Do walmart employees get a discount on Chevy vehicles?


What is the percentage of wal-mart employees shop at wal-mart?

I don't know that, but I do know that 80% of Walmart employees can't even afford to shop at Walmart

How many walmart employees are on medicaid?

Walmart has over 12,000 employees who are on Medicaid. Walmart offers limited coverage in regards to health care. Employees who work less than 30 hours a week are not entitled to health care insurance. This is what causes an increase in Medicaid participants.

How many employees are there per square foot in a retail store?

There's no hard rule. I worked retail at Home Depot and at Walmart. My Walmart had more employees than my Home Depot, and the Walmart was in a smaller building.

Which U.S. company has the most employees?

walmart you can wiki it

Do Walmart Employees get a discount?

Yes, they get a 10% discount.

How much employees does WalMart have in the world?


Why do Walmart employees wear blue?

Because the Walmart logo is blue, thus the vest color.

How much do Walmart employees get paid?

How much Walmart employees get paid varies with the type of position they hold and how long they have worked for Walmart. On average, a new employee earns about 7 dollars to about 18 dollars per hour.