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Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, PCP etc.

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Q: What illegal drugs can people smoke?
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Can people in jail smoke weed?

Not legally. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited in American penitentiaries.

What are the drugs employers test for?

to see if they smoke illegal things

What illegal drugs can people smoke that cause you to become sick?

Marijuana can get you sick cuz when its growing germs get on the bud and when you smoke it the germs get into your body and you get sick if you have not had the germ.

What are the taxes on illegal drugs?

None go smoke weed now

What is aluminum foil used for when doing illegal drugs?

usually to smoke off of.

Can you smoke in china?

If you are referring to tobacco then yes it is legal and a huge percentage of the Chinese population smoke (cigarettes). If you are referring to other illegal drugs then it is illegal and it has its consequences.

Do people need drugs?

if its illegal drugs no if its medical drugs yes.

Is it illegal for people to smoke?

No. But it is illegal for all the other things.

Where do people get there illegal drugs?


Why people shouldn't use drugs?

You should use drugs that are medically prescribed by a doctor - you shouldn't do drugs casuse its very harmful you could probably die Illegal drugs - "Because they are bad for your body." It is not o.k for children to smoke.

Why do people drink drugs?

people drink drugs when they cant sniff or smoke the drugs so they drink it.

How do you write an essay about drugs and smoking?

The WikiAnswers community will not do your homework, but here are a few ideas you could use in your essay.Why people do drugs, why do they smoke?What types of drugs people take.How do people manage to quit?What social issues does smoking and drugs cause?Is it right for government to make drugs illegal?What would happen if drugs were legal?How and from where do people get drugs?Is there any benefits to drugs, or are there only negative effects?

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