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ask him out

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2009-10-16 22:26:52
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Q: What if you love a boy and your not dating him?
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How do you get a boy to love you when they love someone else?

If there is a boy you like, but he is 'in-love' or 'dating' another girl, do not give them ATTENTION! Just be friends with the boy, NOTHING MORE!

How do you get over a boy your in love with?

keep dating until your over him.

If your not dating a boy he say i love you what does that mean?

that he is your friend and cares for you

If you are an African American boy and love a white girl what do you do?

internet dating

What are the release dates for Dating Savannah Love - 2014 Mama's Boy 1-4?

Dating Savannah Love - 2014 Mama's Boy 1-4 was released on: USA: 14 February 2014

Does your boyfriend love you or just love your body?

that depends on the type of boy/man you are dating some love you others are just in it for your body

You like a boy that is dating someone else How do you get him to like you when he is in another school?

I love dameon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How old does a boy need to be to be in love?

Boys and girls generally start dating in their teens.

Is it weird if your dating a boy that is shorter than you?

It might feel awkward, but if it's love, what does the height have to do with it?

Who is Soulja Boy dating?

Soulja Boy is dating a woman named Porshea Bruton.soulja boy is not dating right this moment.he is single.

How do you tell the boy you like you love him?

If you're dating it makes this easier. If you're not dating, try dating before placing the label of love on it. Anyway, men are simple. Just grab his hand, look him in the eye and tell him that you don't want him to freak out or anything but you love him. Whatever happens after that is up to you and him.

How do you tell a boy you love him if you are not dating?

That's hard... Ok, If you really do love him, then ask him to be your boyfriend, get to know him. . .then tell him. I don't think you should tell him without dating him because he might not feel the same way.

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