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You should comfront your friend about it and talk to your friend about it. Good Luck!

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โˆ™ 2008-04-22 00:42:04
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Q: What if my friend's crush likes me?
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What should you do if your friends hate your crush but you think he likes you?

You have to decide what is more important. The crush or the friends.

How can I get my crush's friends to tell me my crush likes me?

Forget about your crush's friend - ask your crush yourself if he/she does!

What if your friends keep on telling you that your crush likes but you don't think he does?

Ask him if he likes u, and if he denies it tell him u have a crush on him and see if he says he likes u.

What if your crush hangs out with your friend but he likes you?

Your crush can have friends too. The key to a good relationship is trust. If he likes you, he shouldn't do anything that suggests otherwise.

You told your guy friends who are friends with your crush to ask your crush when his birthday is and since your friends with your crush he told you that they asked him does your crush like you?

Why don't you just talk to him yourself, instead of getting your friends to talk to him. That is the only way you will ever really know if he likes you or not.

Your crush told one of your best friends who he likes but she wont tell you?

Chances are this person likes you. But they are embarrassed!

What do you do when your friends want you and your crush to be together when your crush likes someone else?

This is very common, its rare to find a guy you like who already likes you, just go for it!

What do you do if your crush knows you like him and he likes you but just wants to be friends?

first u become friends........ then when u think that its the ight time then u can tell him that he is your crush

What if your crush likes you but your not ready for a relationship?

You should hang out with him/her as friends and just be friends with him/her until you'r sure your ready.

What if your crush friend' told you that he likes you that a possibility that your crush likes you back?

well, it depends on who you think that your crush is, and what he thinks of you. it mainly just what one percepts of someone else. so, if your crush's friend is an honest person, and obey's his/her friends, then im pretty sure that he does like you.

What does it mean when your crush bumps into you when you are taking pictures with some friends and joins us?


What if your starting to fall for your best friends crush but he likes you not her?

talk to your friend im sure she will understand

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