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Yes what helps me is using about three gallons per thousand of pool water of hydrochloric acid! It'll balance out all of your levels to a homostatic state! I put in chemicals and within 30 min we were swimming! Hope the tip helped ! Happy swimming!

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Q: What household product can you use to stabilize swimming pool water?
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Can you use household bleach to clean your swimming pool water?

Not effectively. You should test the water first, then stabilize the Ph before adding anything. Bleach is basically chlorine and will kill some bacteria, but it fades quickly in a pool with low or high Ph, or sun, or high use.

What do you buy to stabilize your salt water pool?


Where could one purchase GE household water filtration systems?

You can purchase this product directly from GE or a licensed contractor. If you want to install it yourself, The Home Depot and Amazon both sell GE household water filtration systems.

What household product contains chlorine?

Tap water (in most countries) table salt bleach houshold cleaning products my wee

What is the best way to remove iron from your swimming pool water?

I use a chemical called "suspend" we fill (refill) our pool with well water and this product works great!

How do you take chlorine out of water using household ingredients?

you can put the amount of water you want into a bowl and leave it over night without adding anything to it if you dont want to do it that minute but i personally like to use a product from the pet store to do this so i can add it immeditaly. i wouldn't recommend you add anything from the household to the water

Which Olympic sports have water in them?

Swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo.

What chemicals do you need when refilling a swimming pool?

usually just chlorine cyanuric acid to stabilize it, and some hydrochloric or muriatic acid or potash to balance it. the wisest thing to do is take a simple of the water to your pool shop and they will tel you exactly what you need .

Can household bleach be used to treat a biological agent?

It COULD be, but most of the time it isn't recommended--it's not strong enough. The Army issues a product called STB. It means Supertropical Bleach. It is granular swimming pool chlorine. Mix a saturated solution of this--add it to water until no more will go in--and use that to decontaminate the area.

What is household water?

"Household" water is also referred to as "Tap" or "Reticulated" water. It is the water that is normally supplied to the house for general use.

Which is water sport at the Olympics?

* Swimming (including open water) * Diving * Water Polo * Synchronised Swimming

How do you get a swimming pool ready for swimming?

put water in it