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The computer will ask you if you want to transfer all your songs on your iPod onto that computer, or if you want to sync all the songs on that computer to your iPod. (You will lose all your songs that you had before though.)

If you are talking about a computer without iTunes, it will just charge.

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Q: What happens if you plug your iPod into someone elses computer?
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How do you sync your apps from your computer to someone elses ipod touch?

you plug their IPod into your computer (I think)

Will your music get deleted if you use someone elses computer to download music onto your ipod?


Can you sync an iPod Touch on someone elses computer if they have a iPod Touch that they synced to?

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can not that would probably erase all data on both devices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you load music on your ipod without using iTunes?

yes you can get music on your ipod without using itunes you can either use different websites or you can get them off of a playlist in your computer or someone elses computer

Can someone with LimeWire put movies into someone elses ipod?


Can you track someone elses ipod touch with yours?

No, there is no app or way to do this.

How do you upload your songs to someone elses ipod without uploading your pictures?

You could make a separate file with only your music. If that doesn't work get a computer geek. GOOD LUCK.

If you plug somebody elses ipod into your computer how do you upload your songs onto their ipod?

You cannot upload additional songs onto another Apple iPod. Only the entire iTunes library on the computer wil be transferred. Anything already on the iPod will be erased.

How do you get songs from someone elses iPod?

you cant unless they burn a CD with those songs you want and then you download it to your itunes account and then you have todownload it to your ipod. its not easy.

If you delete all your songs off your iPod because you synched it to someone elses computer would you be able to get your old songs back on to your iPod from the library on your computer?

Yes,but all the songs you synced off your friends computer will be gone.I would reccommend putting the songs you want off your friends computer on to a blank CD and syncing the CD to your library.

Can you install someone elses I-pod on my computer?

yes but at first it will want to download either music from the iPod on the comupter or the songs on the comupter onto the ipon so then just press cancel from the computer or slide to cancel sinch on iPod then it should say iPod on the list so double click it till you can type the name like your name's iPod and that's what it looks like then your done

What happens to your computer if you jailbreak iPod?

Nothing should happen to the computer.